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It’s time to live a life that is filled with Freedom, Joy and Abundance!

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Not that those things are bad, but what will our beings be like when our energy sheds its current mass and is free to dance with the elements of the stars and particles of matter too fine to be measured? At orgasm there is an intensity of focus so extreme that all other awareness disappears. In that moment we cease to be anything other than the experience itself. Our beings are consumed so that all our senses fall away and we have little or no control over what is happening.

At the same time our senses are intensely heightened, and our physicality is supercharged with electricity and force, as if our bodies have become something new, something made of explosive energy. Afterword in healthy sex we are filled with peace and oneness with our beloved, in a kind of bliss, reflecting our eventual union with the very creator of the universe. No wonder orgasm is called le petit mort, with all its shattering conclusiveness and subsequent euphoria. It is the little death, and the essence of life. In one creative thought a thousand forgotten nights of love revive,.

And those who come together in the night. Scent of a Shepherd.

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September 12, We're even supposed to love adulterers? September 5, God of Scandal. September 2, August 26, Trust in God's Love for Them. August 7, Love Them Anyway. August 2, Immanuel in the Bedroom. July 26, Debunking the abortion myth that women are lazy or irresponsible. July 11, Le petit mort. June 28, June 13, Recent Posts. Share on Facebook.

Share on Twitter. When we work together with others in the group, the synergistic affects are amazing and we see evidence of the new creations showing up within days. You also get to receive all the upgrades and benefits brought forth by other members of the group. We keep the group size small to insure you will always have the time you need to co-create your shifts, breakthroughs and reality upgrades. Because of the small group size, there are a very limited number of membership opportunities available. Membership in the Empowerment Circle is not for everyone. It requires that you step up into a whole new level and allow your super creative power to express in your life.

By assessing your current state, your desired results and your level of commitment, together we will customize the program to get the results you want. Most clients can feel the shifts happening in the first session! Clients report an immediate increase in peace, confidence, intuition and awareness while also enjoying a decrease in stress. With each step of the system, you are building momentum. So your results will steadily expand and deepen as you move through the process. Listen to all the upgrades, take advantage of all the support that is offered and be totally committed to your Self.

Once you set the intention and take the first step, your Higher Self steps in to support you further. Your Higher Self guided you here because it wants you to gain your freedom and express your True Self in the fastest, easiest, most graceful way possible. You have found a proven process that works. Just keep putting one foot in front of the other and walk down the graceful path. Clients who have applied my system have accelerated their soul evolution in much less time than they would have on their own accelerating past multiple lifetimes in most instances.

AND we are co-creating a more graceful and fulfilling life than if they had continued on their path of stress and struggle. Yes; a resounding Yes! I can get you on the fast track and save you years of stress, time and money. Immerse yourself in it. You are investing in more peace, more confidence, more love, joy, prosperity and fulfillment. Lisa is a beautiful light in my life. She expanded my consciousness and opened up my mind throughout my journey.

I cannot wait to see what the future holds.

Lisa brings an exuberant amount of light to her clients and into this world. My love life was a mess. I felt frustrated and dissatisfied.

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If not for you, Lisa, I would still be in that relationship. You urged me to question myself, to raise my awareness, to be my best self, to stand still and shine bright… to be the lighthouse. You insisted that I would attract every quality I felt in myself… in another. I absolutely did not believe you, but I did what you suggested. I embraced being alone, present and happy.

I focused on bringing as much joy as I could to others.

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A friend set me up with a woman my old self would never have considered. Definitely not my type. You exposed my pattern and gave me the tools to move out of my comfort zone. Even my first session with Lisa Wilson was amazing!

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Their food choices were not aligned with the type of food I like to cook. I felt overworked, underappreciated and really bitter about catering. I told Lisa I wanted to quit. So we came up with a meditation for manifesting my ideal clients. Only 3 weeks later, out of the blue, I attracted some really amazing clients. Lisa is an amazing empowerment guide. She has helped me get to where I am today and I am forever grateful!

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I first met Lisa when I was in the depths of despair. I was going through a huge transition, following a traumatic pregnancy and divorce. All with little outside support. I felt lost, alone, and completely paralyzed by fear.

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Lisa is an incredibly warm spirit. Lisa truly excels in helping me shift my perspective. Lisa is able to sit with me in my darkness. Yet she inspires me to know that there is light at the end of this dark tunnel and that I am precisely where I am meant to be. In session with Lisa, I can laugh, cry, but most importantly shift my perspective back on track.

Lisa is a guiding force for me and has provided a calm voice of reason. I had several different things happen in my life over the last decade that led me to a point where I was lost.