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Our Awards Booktopia's Charities. The most challenging aspect of this character : See my previous answer. Gail is an inertia machine. If you plonk her somewhere, she will stay somewhere until there is a catalyst strong enough to force her to move.

This catalyst typically involves dynamite, by the way. A lot of the time, I've had to resort to Gail being forced to act by other characters and by ticking time bombs. How have they changed over the years?

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Gail has gone through a total transformation over the last four books, which is a relief. If the opposite were true, they would be very terrible books--just saying. She started out as a woman perpetually waiting for the other shoe to drop—which is understandable, as that other shoe usually kicked her ass when it did drop—and over the years, she's blossomed into her own. Being able to actually hit back and make a difference is a big part of that, but I think Gail owes a lot to the very patient people around her.

Quotable Thursday 47 Days to Go! Hello, all! On Thursdays, I plan to revisit previous books and out of sheer and complete vanity, list some of my favorite quotes from those books. Um, spoilers, obviously.

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I climbed out of the passenger seat. Jessie rolled her eyes. Give him the money, get the stuff. The team leader gave me a look that said he was very used to dealing with superheroes and that he did not particularly enjoy his job.

Chapter The Final Stretch. This post is literally just about my pets Hello! So it's been like eight months since I updated here, as my sister Grace just pointed out to me. She's actually hanging out in my office with me—not something she usually does—because in the last few months some changes have happened in the Dunne household. And both of those changes have four legs.