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Human rights, particularly those articulated in the U. Convention on the Rights of the Child, confer a comprehensive rationale for the sustainable development that is the principle focus of Target 4. For example, the principle of non-discrimination enshrined in U.

Reframing Social Citizenship

Convention on the Rights of the Child Article 2 and the right to education in Articles 28 and 29 is a powerful basis for educating all children, including the most marginalized. Article 27 focuses on giving each child a standard of living adequate for physical, mental, spiritual, moral and social development. Article 32 protects against exploitative labor while Article 34 guards against sexual exploitation and abuse.

These and many other important human rights can drive progress towards the laudable ideals under the sustainable development umbrella in Target 4. The perspective Professor Koyama raises is also directly relevant to how best to measure progress under Target 4.

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International Translation Network. The UK has gone further than any other major European country in reform and provides a useful object lesson.

Reframing Social Citizenship analyzes the pressures on social citizenship from changes in work and the family, political actors, population aging, and the processes within government in the relentless international process of globalization that have shaped the response. It examines the various social science approaches to agency and argues that the logic of rational action is able to explain how reciprocity arises and is sustained but offers a weak foundation for social inclusion and social trust.

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It will only sustain part of the welfare state. A detailed assessment of empirical evidence shows how the outcomes of the new policy framework correspond to its theoretical strengths and limitations.

Reforms have achieved considerable success in delivering mass services efficiently. They are much less successful in redistributing to more vulnerable low income groups and in maintaining public trust in the structure of provision.

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The risk is that mistrustful and disquieted voters may be unwilling to support high spending on health care, pensions and other benefits at a time when they are most needed. Volume 44 , Issue 5.

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Religion, social studies and citizenship: reframing religion through the lens of citizenship

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