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I wrote all the time— at home, at the pub, on trains. And so I wrote. Valpolicella was stuck under a cloud, a bit like a noir version of Pig-Pen from Charlie Brown. I finished the novel within the month, with perhaps a day or two spare, and I delivered the manuscript to Ambrose Blimfield. He was going to love it. It had everything. I saw him again a couple of days later. He was in his office. Oh, I liked the flesh-eating pigs. Created by Grove Atlantic and Electric Literature.

VIA Tyrus Books. Article continues after advertisement. Who's Buried in John Dillinger's Tomb? This anthology of ultra-rarities reprints the first three Hank Janson novellas - When Dames Get Tough, Scarred Faces and Kitty Takes The Rap - which initially appeared in over two volumes with the latter two collected together under the Scarred In Some Look Better Dead, a seemingly innocuous visit to a fashion show leads Chicago Chronicle's ace reporter Hank Janson into a web of murder and intrigue with dark secrets from the past. More information will follow Classic pulp crime thrillers from the s.

In their time, the Hank Janson novels, with their sleazy covers and no-holds-barred tales, were a guilty pleasure for millions of readers, but incurred the wrath of the establishment One of the later entr In Women Hate Till Death originally the seventh book in the third series of 'classic era' Hank Janson novels , Hank's attendance at a promotional event for a revolutionary new car leads him to encounter two cousins, Doris and Marion Langham, whose w We use cookies to ensure the best user experience at FictionDB.

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Crime, Fear and the Law in True Crime Stories

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